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Have you faced any of the following issues?

Never got a promotion? Never Even considered for one? Always worked hard but did not get the credit|? You are always ignored at the time of assessment? Your colleagues are more less capable than you but they get the attention because they have a degree?

Instant Online life experience degrees from instant degrees could be the answer to all your issues, you have got to try this to believe it yourself, and thousands of satisfied students have already done it.

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Life experience degree programs could be just the thing that is missing on your CV:

From The News Desk:

“Those people who have a Bachelor's degree earn nearly $1 million more over their lifetime than a high school graduate.”


This simply means that an online life experience degree could increase your earning potential at a greater proportion if you apply now and get yours.

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How Life Experience Degree Programs are good for you?

There is more than one reason to apply for your life experience degree programs through instant degrees, you don’t have to go to any physical university campus to give your documents, you don’t have to give any exams, and you don’t have to pay your fees again and again because you just have to make onetime payment of $549.

You must also know that all the universities that are on the panel of instant degree are accredited,
recognized and accepted globally for the services they provide, and there should be no doubt about
the legitimacy of the documents provided to you because they come with complete verification documents.

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Figure Out If You Are Qualified For A Life Experience Degree

You can get the life experience degrees if you possess any of the following:
Preceding job experience
Military training
Earlier educational achievements
Workshops, social events attended that were sponsored
Workshops, social events attended that were not sponsored
Chipping in Volunteer Activities and Community Services

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What will you get with your life experience degree?
1. You will get the documents along with your transcripts,
letters and the degree itself, this will authenticate that the degree that you receive is a fine one and will be accepted anywhere with the help of the relevant documents that give instant recognition to the degree.

All the above documents are included in your degree package without any additional charges.

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Important Note:
You must know that the degree that we offer are just like the degrees offered by traditional universities with campuses. This means the online life experience degrees that we offer does not mention anywhere on the transcripts or the degree itself that it’s an online degree bought from instant degrees, in fact your degree will contain the name of the respective university you have applied for and the seal of your university that will show you have earned that degree rightfully and you deserve that degree. 

2. Free Education Verification Services

When you go to an employer or any other authority, they at times ask you to get your degree verified by your university and get an authentication letter from the university. for this reason, we also give 4 authentication letters along with your degree documents so that you don’t face any problems,. If you require more letters for any other purpose, you may apply for the same when you apply for your online life experience degree through the order form.

3. Accredited Life Experience Degree in Any Field of your choice.

If there is particular major or course that you desire and you only want to pursue your career in that field, we could offer you a life experience degree in that field, this way you donít have to compromise on the degree of your interest.

4. 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Although it is highly unlikely, but you will get your money back if you donít get the desired service.
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5. Free Shipment

It does not matter where you live or where you want your degree to be delivered, once you buy a degree, we will ship it to any part of the world as directed by you.

6. Convenience To Get a Degree Anytime

Accredited life experience degrees at instant degrees could be applied for anytime of the year, by anyone who has prior learning experience and at any time of the day.

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